Putting your best face forward is as simple as caviar darling.

As our skin ages, it begins to lose its ability to retain moisture while elasticity and collagen production sharply decline. This plays out visibly on our faces through the development of lines and wrinkles and sagging, less elastic skin.  Caviar has a very similar cell format to our skin and acts as an intense skin regenerator and hydrator thanks to the powerful antioxidants and fatty acids it contains.  It is abundant in protein, water, essential fatty acids and minerals that help regenerate the skin by boosting collagen production while improving skin elasticity and muscle tone.

le spa&salon’s Signature Caviar Facial is a luxurious age-defying treatment for the face, hands and décolleté that harnesses the powerful, cell-rejuvenating and protein-rich caviar to ignite the anti-aging process and increase collagen production.  The facial journey commences with a with a cleansing and toning process using Caviar Cleanser and Caviar Rose Demascena Mist which is followed by a deeply exfoliating enzyme peel derived from pineapple extract.  The age defying nutrients in the products soften lines and wrinkles to give the skin a youthful plumpness.

An aculift massage is performed next with the Intensive Repair Ampule during the 60 minute treatment or the coQ10 Ampule during the 90 minute treatment which stimulates firms and tones the facial muscles and the skin.

The Marine Biomatrix sheet containing deeply hydrating and nourishing algae is applied for guests enjoying the 90 minute treatment whilst a calming massage using chilled beauty globes helps to stimulate circulation.  The Marine Biomatrix sheet leaves the skin more radiant while hydrating and  regenerating skin cells. Completing this luxury facial, the Caviar Eye Creme, Caviar Age-Defense Serum and Caviar Age-Defense Creme are applied to leave the skin at its sumptuous best.

This deeply nourishing treatment achieves incredible results for guests with dry or more mature skin boosting collagen, increasing elasticity and leaving the skin radiant.

So is it worth the splurge? We think so.  Guests with more mature skin love the results the Kerstin Florian Caviar Facial and at-home product range achieves in terms of restoring elasticity and skin tone.  It is also wonderful ahead of special events thanks to the incredible and immediate results it achieves in plumping the skin and giving it a stunning luminescent glow.  If you want to see noticeable results immediately, this treatment is definitely worth it!

Kerstin Florian’s home-use caviar products complement professional Caviar Facial treatments and supports long-lasting visible benefits.  The range includes all the products you need for a complete daily skincare regime including a cleanser, toner, moisturiser, serum and eye crème.

le spa&salon stocks the full range of Kerstin Florian’s Caviar Range and the Signature Caviar Facial is available for booking at spaQ Sydney and is priced at $220 for the 60 minute treatment or $295 for the 90 minute treatment.